Hi Friends,

Welcome to College Essay Friend, where we offer a practical, but heart-centered approach to College Essay excellence!

It’s my honor to connect with you at this very special time in your life—as you hover on that precious boundary between the life you’ve always known and the new life you’ll discover when you head off to college; it’s my honor to help catapult you towards that future with confidence and pride.

Even if…right now…you’re mostly feeling like a stressed-out-panic!!

Listen, I get it. I remember all too well the pressure I placed on my overachieving self, so while I can’t evaporate ALL your stressors, I can ease your burden by teaching you how to write a really great College Essay. 

In fact, knowing how to break down the complex writing processs into actionable steps is my greatest gift as a teacher.

A gift that’s the culmination of my own educational background, as a graduate of NYU with my M.A. in Literature, followed by 10+ years spent teaching writing first in high school classrooms, and then later at Rutgers University. 

And through all these seasons, I’ve been teaching students how to write standout College Essays—teaching, not reviewing.

The distinction is important!

Instead of just reviewing your already-drafted essay, cleaning up small-time mistakes or fixing whatever crisis points there’s time to address, my online courses teach you everything you need to know as you go, easily elevating the quality of your essays from the very start, and for prices that aren’t nuts! This is incredibly important to me.

Getting quality help should be possible for all budgets: that’s why we offer as many of our products as possible on a pay-what-you-can scale. So that, hopefully, here, there truly will be something for everyone.

Honestly, I never thought I’d take my advice online like this (I’m a total introvert even though I don’t seem shy in my videos). But my mission is to reach as many students as possible and through College Essay Friend, I’m able to do exactly that.

Because the thing is friends…you can’t leave the heart out of it! The best writing doesn’t just come from the head! It comes from tuning into your intuition, your gut, your heart. That’s the place I teach you to write from, sharing the tools you need to channel your whole, passionate, vibrant, authentic self into your writing.

So let me close now by speaking to that warm, wonderful, and unique heart of yours—a heart that, okay, yeah, might be racing a little extra with stress right now, but just know this, my friends: 

Wherever you are in your writing process—whether you’re just starting out, or you’re freaking out—our online courses will meet you where you are and help carry you to the finish line. As will I. 

Like a good friend, I’ll be here to inform you, and guide you, and cheer you on every step of the way.



P.S. You can learn more about our expert’s story in this short, 5-minute video.