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Then watch our 2 free video lessons and listen to our 3 free meditations designed to help you wherever you are on your college essay writing journey.

Free Video Lesson 1: The 3 EPIC Mistakes ALL Students Make When Writing Their College Essays

Nobody likes mistakes. Learn what the top ones are so you can avoid them!

Free Video Lesson 2: 5 Simple Steps to Help Your Essay Stand Out From the Crowd

Everyone wants to write an essay that “wows,” but most fall short! Learn how you can easily turn your “standard” essay into a standout essay.

Meditations to Take You from Stressing Out to Chilling Out!

Applying to college can be such an exciting time, but it also can be such a stressful time.

That’s why we have put together these guided meditations for whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Just find a quiet place to relax, and press play.

Pressured for Time

Feeling overwhelmed by too much to do and not enough time to do it in? Then this is the 3-minute meditation for you!

Anxiety Meditation

Reimagine your anxious feelings as friends in need. This 5-minute practice will bring you a powerful sense of inner calm and peace.

All Is Well Meditation

This 10-minute meditation will help you let go of outcomes you can’t control—including where you’ll ultimately get into college!

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So…you know your College Essay shouldn’t be written like any other essay you’d turn in for English or History class, but the problem is…how the heck do you write it??

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  • set up an engaging and focused opening paragraph to make a great first impression
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