Personalized Essay Review




Get a one-on-one essay review with our College Essay Expert. For just $100, she’ll give you the hands-on support you need to truly make your personal statement, your personal best.

What’s the process for setting up a one-on-one review of my essay?  

Since the review is completed virtually, you’ll email your most up-to-date and complete essay draft to our College Essay Expert.

In response, we’ll provide you with detailed, personalized feedback, including

  • a written paragraph summarizing big-picture revision suggestions
  • marginal notes for each paragraph addressing both big and small-picture revisions
  • line edits and specific examples when necessary
  • grammar and proofreading comments

This feedback will be constructive, but also supportive, as we love pointing out what’s really working in your essay, in addition to what still needs work.

Overall, this feedback will be more thorough, concrete, and action-oriented than any other feedback you’ve ever received on your writing before. You’ll know exactly what you need to do in order to successfully revise your essay.

**As a bonus, after incorporating our College Essay’s Expert’s feedback into their essays, some students do choose to resend their essay to make sure they correctly implemented the suggested changes. You have this option too! Our College Essay Expert will read through a follow-up draft and either give you the quick thumbs-up affirming that your draft is ready to go, or recommend you continue revising.**


Who provides feedback on my essay?

All essays are reviewed by Katie, our College Essay Expert!

After earning her M.A. in British and American Literature from NYU, Katie spent the next decade teaching writing to high achievers and lovable slackers in both high school classrooms and at Rutgers University.  Through College Essay Friend, she’s now on a mission to empower as many students as possible to write College Essays they’re proud of at prices families can actually afford.


How soon will I receive my essay feedback?

You will receive personalized feedback within 3-5 business days after you submit your essay.


How does a personalized essay review fit in with the other services you offer? 

A personalized essay review can be the perfect companion to our online and on-demand course, The College Essay Cure.

In fact, to get the full benefit of our unique approach, we recommend students complete The College Essay Cure first, and then book a review for after. This ensures student essays truly reach their highest potential.

Of course, it’s entirely up to you; we fully respect that each of us has unique needs and different learning styles!

Here’s what one of our former students, who also received a personalized review of her College Essay, has to say about the process:

[College Essay Friend’s] essay feedback was so helpful because it combined both specific feedback AND big-picture feedback. I got feedback that really explained to me how college admissions would read my essay, and I ended up completely rewriting the middle section, which ended up making my essay so much stronger. I also loved how encouraging and optimistic the reviews were. 

Finally, I liked how the essay reviews provided personalized feedback on what was mentioned in the online classes!”—Kate H. 


Does “essay feedback” mean you’ll write my essay for me?


Personalized feedback means you’ll receive detailed, in-text comments about what specifically is and isn’t working in your essay and concrete suggestions for revision—never does it mean we’ll write your essay for you.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please email us at and we’ll be happy to help!